Last week, Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyiannis said that the fountain at Omonia had been filled with water and the final work is being done to upgrade the square that is at the heart of Athens. Our story on the revamp drew plenty of commenters. Here’s what they had to say:

Chrissy Papadopoulos They need to clean out the scum that troll the streets.

Anne Kamilatos Sure needed it.

Barbara Vasdekis Why aren’t they planting any trees?

Vasili Giamarelos Sweet. Will be much nicer when you get mugged there.

Stella Gouta Gredis Put some trees and benches for people to enjoy. Water and shaded trees keep you relaxed in the concrete jungle of Athens.

Harry Sevastopoulos More the nicer for the pushers and druggies to do their business. Get a better class of criminal.

Kalliopi Kats Just in time for when I arrive thanks very muchly lol

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Steven Frilingos How long before ANTIFA trash it? Might last for a day.

Dimis Kallis We hope so. How we’d like to seethe beauty of Athens as it used to be.

Konstantinos Karachalios This square is like the Gefyri of Artas – demolished and reconstructed many times. I’ve lost count. Sometimes we had changes every year.

Christos Iliopoulos Install plenty of ashtrays!

Petros Spilios Omonia is a dump!

Despina Makrygianny Grass is good for 10 days, but with the heatwave it will soon be dry grass. Where are the trees? Where is there shade in the cement?

Kostas Dimopoulos Benches in Omonia! Are you serious? Have you seen the latest episodes of “The living dead”?

Nick Georgakis Too little too late, and all round buildings, sidewalks, roads, homeless, ghetto, drugs, violence, is all sh@t.

Jomi Rastalife So all you **** here who are negatively commenting don’t like how it has become and how the #SYRIZARAGS had left it so that illegal supporters of Tsipras could sunbathe?

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Andrew Lappos Lol yeah, as if trees are the answer. We don’t want a Greens party movement. Some fake grass is enough.

Nick Defteros You can still buy knives and a Kalashnikov in Omonia 😂

Willian Gueler What’s the point to have a beautiful brand new square if the surroundings are hideous? I’d love to see the whole Omonia revamped. Not just the square. I hope the government changes Omonia for the better and safer. Athens deserves it!

Irene Shaw Do you remember how unattractive this area was? The Greeks need to put more green.

Peter Ross Only the Greeks would call that a square.