We will do our best to keep our readers updated on the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The information will be sourced from the most respected government and multilateral health organisations across the world.

We will also be referencing relevant media where necessary.

Below is a snapshot of Covid-19 Cases in Greece Australia and hotspots across the world.

Daily updates and figures are from Worldometer and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

Greece and Australia

1. Greece

Total Cases: 352 Deaths: 4 Recovered: 8

– Greek Health Ministry announced 38 new coronavirus cases have been reported, raising the country’s total to 352.
– Twenty-two are said to be domestic, meaning those patients did not travel overseas.
– Fifty-seven patients are currently in hospitals and five are incubated in the Intensive care; eight have been released from hospitals.
– Greece recorded five deaths due to the virus known as Covid-19.
– More than 3,400 samples have been tested. The government suspended all flights to and from Italy.

2. Australia

Total Cases: 440 Deaths: 5 Recovered: 27

– In Australia three times the number of cases have been seen in people in their 30s than in those over 60.
– For the first time, researchers at the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity understand how humans fight off the virus. Laboratory head Katherine Kedzierska found people’s immune system responded to coronavirus in the same way we try to fight the flu.
“The immune cell populations we have seen emerging before patients recover are the same cells that we see in influenza,” she said.
Very little is known about how coronavirus acts, as it’s so new. (source ABC News)

3. Italy

Total Cases: 27,980 Deaths: 2,158 Recovered: 2,749

a. Recovery Rate: It’s highest point of 72.58 per cent was reached on 27 February and was by 16 March at 56.02 per cent.
b. Death Rate: peaked at 87.5 per cent by 23 February and dropped to 27.42 per cent on 27 February and moved by March to 43.98 per cent.

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4. China

Total Cases: 80,881 Deaths: 3,226 Recovered: 68,690

a. Recovery Rate: lowest point on 2 Feb of 56.82 per cent of it had by 16 March reached 95.95 per cent.
b. Death Rate: 43:18 per cent 2 Feb to it’s lowest March 16 of 4.49 per cent.

5. South Korea

Total Cases: 8,320 Deaths: 81 Recovered: 1,401
a. Recovery Rate: highest point on 13 Feb at 100 per cent which plunged to 51 per cent on 2 March and rose again to it’s highest on 16 March to 93.81 per cent,
b. Recovery Rate: highest point was reached 2 March at 48.48 per cent and it’s lowest rate on 16 March of 6.19 per cent.

6. United States

Total Cases: 4,712 Deaths: 91 Recovered: 74
a. Recovery Rate: reached it’s first highest point on 2 March at 50 per cent which dropped by 10 March to 28 per cent and rose on 16 March to 46.25 per cent.
b. Recovery Rate: reached a peak on 11 March to 71.70 per cent and by 16 March stands at 53.75 per cent

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Data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control as of 16 March 2020, reveals a total of 167 414 reported Covid-19 cases including 6,507 deaths.

The deaths: China (3,217), Italy (1,811), Iran (724), Spain (288), France (127), South Korea (75), United States (69), United Kingdom (35), Japan (24), Netherlands (20), Switzerland (13), Germany (12), Philippines (12), Iraq (9), an international conveyance in Japan (7), San Marino (7), Australia (5), Indonesia (5), Algeria (4), Belgium (4), Greece (4), Lebanon (3), Poland (3), Sweden (3), Argentina (2), Bulgaria (2), Ecuador (2), Egypt (2), India (2), Ireland (2), Albania (1), Austria (1), Canada (1), Denmark (1), Guatemala (1), Guyana (1), Hungary (1), Luxembourg (1), Morocco (1), Norway (1), Panama (1), Sudan (1), Taiwan (1) and Thailand (1).