If you have always dreamed of studying abroad, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in collaboration with the International Hellenic university is currently accepting admissions for an English-speaking four-year Bachelor of Arts course in the archaeology, history and literature of ancient Greece.

The course is aimed exclusively at non-EU students, offering the unique opportunity to study classical Greece, acquiring firsthand knowledge of some of the country’s most important archaeological sites and monuments such as Olympia, Delphi and the Parthenon.

Archaeological classes will include field trips all across Greece, including the Peloponnese, Central Greece and Macedonia and well as the islands of Santorini, Naxos and Crete.
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Students are also invited to attend excavation projects at the Departmental Archaeological Excavation in Marathon or the Excavation at the site of Trapeza (Neon Rysion – Kardia) undertaken by the International Hellenic University.
Students will have access to onsite resources such as the school’s Archaeology and History of Art Museum home to many study collections covering Greek prehistory, Early, Classical and post-Classical Greece and much more.

Access is also granted into the School of Philosophy Library, adjacent to the School’s main building. The library holds the country’s second largest collection of books dating from the 16th c. to the present day, including approximately 500,000 books, papyri and manuscripts, 20,000 rare editions, 3,800 journal titles, and about 4,000 audiovisual and photographic documents.

The first class will be held in September of 2020 in Athens.

For more information visit: https://baag.uoa.gr/el/