Greek musicians and artists have used their creativity to persuade people to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The musicians have been sharing their version of the song “I’m staying home” by the late Loukiano Kilaidonis on thieir personal social media accounts. The lyrics have been altered to reflect the current affairs and issues the world is facing with the coronavirus.

The song titled “I’m staying home 2020” was created by participating artists associated with MINOS-EMI SA, a Universal Music Group Company, which granted the rights to the voice of Loukianos Kelaidoni.

All proceeds made from the song will be donated directly to the Ministry of Health to help fight the coronavirus.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotaki even applauded the artists for trying to inform the public in a creative way.

Mr Mitsotaki thanked the company, the artist and the Kilaidonis family for their efforts.

They are not the only ones getting in on the fun…

Soloists from the Greek National Opera have also been singing their rendition from home in their own video.

The song was released under the initiative of WALNUT Entertainment.