It is now the second week now since a food collection point was set up at the Cypriot Community House at 495 Lygon Street in Melbourne and the donations have been pouring in to help those affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

The collections have been held in cooperation with the Orthodox Church of Australia to help people who have lost their jobs in the current crisis.

“The response was and is moving,” President Stelios Angelodimou told Neo Kosmos.”I thank all the businessmen, famous and anonymous, but also the Cypriot housewives, who generously sent a variety of food for this purpose. Your offer has filled the community with feelings of charity and love for our fellow man.

“Rest assured that with this gesture, we are giving a smile of optimism to our unfortunate fellow citizens.”

He said that quantities of foods such as beans, vegetables, canned foods, fruit  salads, teas, flour and pasta were still needed.

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Mr Angelodimous said that the food collections would continue into next month.

The food that was collected at the community centre  was being sent for distribution at the Monastery of Axion Esti under the supervision of the Archimandrite, Fr Eurmenius.

♦ For more information call Evros Evripidou on 0419 516 323 or Haris Neokleous on 0411 186 018.

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