A further easing of Victoria’s coronavirus restrictions will come in effect from the start of next month, Premier Daniel Andrews announced on Sunday, with a cautious message that “if community transmission rates continue to remain low and testing rates continue to remain high”, further changes will follow.

So, what changes from Monday 1 June?

Both at home and outdoor gatherings will have an increased limit of up to 20 people.

“For a family of five, that means 15 visitors,” Mr Andrews said in a statement, adding that gathering limits will be lifted for significant ceremonies too.

Specifically, up to 20 people will be allowed in weddings – plus the celebrant and the couple – up to 50 people at funerals, plus those required for the ceremony and up to 20 people at other religious ceremonies on top of the people conducting them.

Overnight stays will also resume including in accommodation providers in a bid to reignite the state’s tourism.

“In good news for those itching to pitch their tent, this will also apply to campgrounds and caravan parks – but not with communal facilities like kitchens or bathrooms so we can stay safe,” Mr Andrews said.

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Avoiding the common use of spaces, like communal kitchens, but also the return of public transport to its normal traffic is the deterrent factor behind the decision to maintain the work from home guidance where possible.

“One of our most important messages to Victorians is this: if you are working from home, you must keep working from home – at least until the end of June. I understand there’ll be questions about why you can go to the pub or the park – but not the office. But the health advice on this is very clear. We just can’t afford to have millions of people moving around our state – taking public transport or using the communal kitchen. Let alone when you think about the logistical challenges of getting people in and out of lifts or lobbies.”

Ahead of the June changes, Victorians will also be allowed again to use outdoor playgrounds, skateparks and outdoor gym equipment from Tuesday 26 May, coinciding with the return date for schools.

The 20-person limit will also apply to libraries, youth centres and other community facilities which will operate again from 1 June, as well as to entertainment and cultural venues like galleries, museums, drive-in cinemas, historic sites and amusement parks.

Also opening the doors will be beauty and personal care services, such as nail salons, spas and tattoo parlours, with up to 20 customers per space and under the requirement to keep every customer’s contact details.

As announced already last week, cafes, restaurants and pub will reopen from 1 June for up to 20 patrons at a time.

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But three weeks later, provided that all goes smoothly on the virus front, the 20 person limit in many indoor business spaces, including restaurants, cafes, galleries and museums will rise to up to 50.

From the same date, Monday 22 June, gyms and other indoor fitness and recreation facilities will be given the green light to reopen with up to 20 people per space and up to 10 people per group or activity at any one time.

For the full details of changes and the latest information visit https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus