“Great and unexpected successes are often the cause of foolish rushing into acts of extravagance.”
– Demosthenes.

Getting ready to enjoy life again on the outside after weeks of house arrest imposed by the coronavirus lockdown? Not so fast. Remember the ancient Greek statesman and  orator, Demosthenes, and his wise words about the  perils of rushing after achieving success.

Here are three posters and graffiti on one building in  the Melbourne inner-city suburb of Collingwood, and one shop sign in Abbotsford, spotted on Monday that remind us of what we have achieved during lockdown and what still remains to be done to fight coronavirus.

Who needs the internet, books and a library when one single building of a closed workshop on,  the corner of Gipps and Russell streets, Collingwood, right next to Collingwood train station, says it all?

Coronavirus has reminded us that community means kindness, and the poster’s fine print encourages us to be kind and care for each other. No arguments there.

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Street Smart Media by name and streetwise by nature. This adjacent poster tells us to be kind, support local businesses and artists, call your grandmother and wash your hands. Now that’s good advice.


From 13 May, in Victoria, you could go fishing, so the occupant of this building did. While they are it, they were hoping to reel in a vaccine. Have a beer on all humankind if you do.

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Like so many Australian and Victorian business, Two Hands eatery and bar, at 311a Victoria St, Abbotsford, went to war with coronavirus, closed for the duration and are preparing for victory. Long may Australia’s restaurants, bars and pubs reign.