The Merimna Pontion Kyrion of Oceania continues their “Everyday Essentials for Families in Need” campaign, with another dispatch due 20 June from the Papaefstratiou building.

The campaign started 10 April and received great support from other associations that have offered their assistance to families and individuals experiencing financial hardships from the pandemic.

Funds and donations have been equally distributed by Merimna to the 13 households they support.

The help has been greatly appreciated by the recipients, with one even saying, “For our part, we would like to thank your kind and generous actions in these difficult times that we are all going through, especially us young people who are fighting for our future in this beautiful country under adverse working and visa conditions These are extremely moving initiatives that remind us that Hellenism is united in difficult times.”

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Merimna have extended their thanks to the Central Pontian Association of Melbourne and Victoria Pontiaki Estia, Central Federation of Australia and New Zealand, Pancretan Association of Melbourne, Cretan Brotherhood of Melbourne and Victoria, Pallaconian Brotherhood of Melbourne and Victoria, Pontian Community of Melbourne and Victoria, Pontian Association of Melbourne Euxenos Pontos, Pan-Messinian Brotherhood Papaflessas, Kalamata 23 March and Pan Trifilia.

They also thanked Platon Denezakis and Sotiris Sotiropoulos from Rythmos Radio, Editor of Neos Kosmos Sotiris Hatzimanolis and SBS Radio for helping raise awareness of the campaign.