Greece may have drawn the spotlight of the world for all the right reasons when it came to handling COVID-19, however Mykonos beats to the tune of a different drum.

Private parties are being held on luxurious villas on the party island with the price of admission kicking off at 500 euros and reaching up to 10,000 euros for a party package, according to Live News on Mega TV which featured footage of such an event.

Private parties are nothing new on the island, however COVID-19 has cast the spotlight on these exclusive affairs which local businessmen on the island are angered by as they see their guests disappear, sometimes collected from their own venues.

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Guests who attend the private parties pay upfront and don’t get receipts.

Secret SMS invitations are sent over the phone with the coordinates of their location. Each night, they are collected by van from bars and beach bars and head to the parties to be entertained by internationally famous DJs and take part in mystic ceremonies. The alcohol flows free, but there is also plenty of drug use.