The expensive apartment

There is a lot of noise about the purchase of an expensive archdiocesan apartment in Sydney. There is a lot that can be said. I will raise the issue somewhat differently.

The Archbishop must live somewhere. The money also belongs to the Archdiocese, meaning the parish and there must be transparency. Of course, there is no transparency.

Many years ago the Annual Balance Sheet of the Archdiocese was published. Many years ago, Archbishop Stylianos stopped this annual announcement. He probably did not consider it the obligation of the Archdiocese to the parish, he probably did not want some expenses to be made public that could raise questions. Were there for example, excessive legal costs and why? There were some talks about that, but we may never know. There was no transparency.

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The point is, there is no transparency. Archbishop Stylianos also had his ‘palace’ in Ashfield for many years, which also belonged to the Archdiocese. Later, I think, he bought an apartment in Brighton, Sydney.

Archbishop Makarios should also live somewhere and of course the purchased apartment belongs to the Archdiocese and in the long run the expense for the apartment cannot be considered wasted or lost money.

However, whether this is the best investment for the Archdiocese or the parish is another matter. In which case, Archbishop Makarios will offer a service to the Archdiocese and the parish if he takes steps to restore the lost transparency.

Dr Chris Fifis
Thanks for shining light on funds

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Archdiocese was not prompt

All these allegations if untrue should have been put to bed via a strong and prompt denial via a press conference by Archbishop Makarios and his mates when they first appeared instead of stonewalling and hoping it would all go away.

The late Archbishop Stylianos [I knew his style] would never have approved such an investment as it would not have been a good look. Other types of investments would have been more acceptable and palatable to the Orthodox Community.
It appears there has been some intervention on this embarrassing debacle by the Patriarch himself who appointed Makarios in the first place and has now permanently tarnished his own reputation as having chosen the wrong person for the Australian gig. Probably told in no uncertain terms to sort this mess out asap otherwise it would fragment the diocese beyond the point of no return which it has.

Thus the panicked denials.

Makarios bad form started when he was barely in Australia for five minutes and started appointing and ordaining bishops, clerics and father confessors helter skelter all over the place without in my opinion the due diligence these appointments required.

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As a mature Orthodox I know the church never ever indulges in court proceedings even if they have some justification as it would be expensive and it would air its dirty washing in public but obviously Makarios does not comprehend that part. Parishioners react and respond accordingly upon ones deeds not his rhetoric.
Gold crosses, medals and other awards apparently can now be freely issued by the Orthodox church as bribes for favours rendered and can also be bought. Orthodox recognition is now judged by the size and weight of ones wallet, favours that can be provided and ones status in the Community. There are many incredible benefactors here in Perth that exceed any criteria for an award by their honest deeds and dedicated service to their local church. Example is how Makarios on a mere tourist visa can be fast tracked to gain permanent residency when other wait for years. Why was a gold cross given to a non Orthodox who has contributed nothing to our church and can be regarded as anti Orthodox by what he stands for? In layman’s terms its called corruption.

The Archdiocese by its own actions has single handedly brought Orthodoxy into disrepute.

My family and I will always remain as Orthodox paying attention only to our spiritual father on the Holy Mountain.

If it was not for your excellent publication these matters would not have seen the light of day. Well done editor.

G. Bouzidis