Greece’s number of COVID-19 cases are escalating with another 269 new cases in the last 24 hours, however no new deaths were reported. Most of the new cases (250) were contracted within the country and of these, there were 22 which were contracted while travelling domestically.

Infections since the start of the pandemic have been at 7,934 with 1,783 of these related to travel abroad and 3,658 related to known cases.

There are 30 people intubated at ICU with the average age of 68 and 46.7 per cent of them with an underlying condition or aged over 70 years of age.

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 140 people discharged from ICUs.

The Greek death toll has been at 235 since the start of the pandemic, with 20 deaths since 12 August.

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Μap showing the distribution of the coronavirus throughout Greece since March, 2020. Source: EODY.

In terms of concentrations, 11 cases were identified during checks at entry points to Greece, and areas with the highest number of cases include the regions of Attica where Athens is located (90) and Thessaloniki (67). Other regions which recorded cases included the Cycladic Islands (15), the island of Crete (all regions, 11), Lesvos island and Pella region (8 each), and Imathia (7) while most other regions each registered three or fewer cases.

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Mykonos arrests

Last Saturday, a group of five Spanish tourists headed to Mykonos. After getting tested in Athens, one of the group members was found positive for COVID-19 and the entire group was told they should self-isolate at a designated hotel at Kalo Livadi.

On Wednesday, the group took the initiative to be retested at a private clinic on the island where they paid 250 euros per person. The second tests found them all to be negative and though they were required to continue their self-isolation for another seven days, two of the five tourists decided to party on the island.

They organised a party at their villa in Ftelia, even though they were required to be self-isolating at a designated quarantine hotel. Police found methamphetamines and other drugs known as ‘pink coke’ in their possession. The tourists are now accused of drug possession and of spreading COVID-19 and have been transferred to the prosecutor on the island of Syros.

The authorities are investigating the landlord of the villa where they were staying and the concierge who are believed to have helped in the organisation of the party.

Mykonos and Halkidiki

Greek Deputy Civil Protection Minister Nikos Hardalias in cooperation with Professor of infectious diseases Sotiris Tsiodras decided the imposition of the following measures which  come into effect in the tourist areas of Mykonos and the Halkidiki peninsula from Friday 21 August at 6am through to Monday, 31 August:

  • Suspension of all events as live parties, festivals, flea markets and other outdoor events
  • Prohibition of any kind of gathering above 9 people for any reasons in outdoors and indoors areas
  • Up to four persons per tables in restaurants except from families there are allowed up to 6 people
  • Mandatory use of face mask in outdoors and indoors areas.