Greece confirmed 270 new COVID-19 cases on Friday, including 26 identified at entry points to the country. There were also five new deaths in the last 24 hours, bringing the fatalities in the country to 259.

There have been 9,800 coronavirus cases in Greece since the pandemic broke out. There have been 2,012 of these cases linked to travel abroad and 4,347 to an already registered case.

Inbound flights from Barcelona and Catalonia to Greece will be suspended from 31 August following a spike of COVID-19 cases in those areas. Greece’s Deputy Civil Protection and Crisis Management Minister Nikos Hardalias said on Friday that the obligation for Netherlands visitors to submit negative tests before heading to Greece has been suspended due to the improvement of epidemiological data of the country.

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Precautionary checks will continue for those entering from abroad until 19 September, specifically from flights from Sweden, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, UAE, Malta, Albania, Northern Macedonia and Spain.