Greece’s bicentennial is around the corner, giving Greeks around the world the chance to celebrate 200 years since Greece decided to claim its place among European nations and opt for sovereignty, with self-determination at any cost.

While many heroes fought for liberty within Greek borders, it is also a very important celebration for Greeks of the diaspora who worked to fund the revolt and use their influence to ensure the support of foreign governments.

Now, at a time of conflict in the eastern Mediterranean, the wheel has again come full circle to show that the diaspora is as important to keep alive the flame of Greece today as it had been during the revolution.

The Greek Community of Melbourne, a stronghold of Greeks in Australia, could not be missing from global celebrations in 2021 and is busy working on a detailed, multifaceted program with the collaboration of Victoria’s government, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, the Greek Consul to Victoria and the Organising Committee of the National Day Celebrations.

The multi-disciplined year long celebration is being organised by a special committee bringing together a range of interests and experience. It is led by Associate Professor Marinis Pirpiris and Michael Karamitos and includes Dr Jim Bossinakis, Betty Dimitropoulos, Chrissa Kanatas, Dean Kotsianis, Nick Koukouvitakis, Victoria Kyriakopoulos, Dr Stephie Nikoloudis, Stella Patras, Denise Serdenes, Tass Sgardelis, Chris Sikavitsas and is supported by Greek Community staff led by Greek Centre Director, Jorge Menidis.Whilst the program’s detail has been worked on over the past four months and is still being finalised, a snapshot of its content promises a range of events and activities anchored by the GCM’s annual program of festivals and programs and embellished with a unique, contemporary and cosmopolitan offering.

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A teaser of the work in progress program includes the following:

  • 182! – The Graphic Short Story Collection
    An adaptation of stories from the 1821 Greek Revolution presented as a Graphic Short Story collection (aka
    comic book).
  • Antipodes 2021 | Commemorating The Greek Bicentenary
    27+28 February | Lonsdale Street Greek Precinct Melbourne
    The award winning festival celebrates the Greek Bicentenary through themed performances, dance and
    musical productions.
  • The Inaugural Grecian Ball
    A commemorative Ball to be held as a feature event of the year long celebrations.
  • The Greek Language & Culture Seminars: Greek Bicentenary Series
    Featuring leading academics and speakers
  • The Annunciation Of Our Lady Feast Day A Celebration of the raising of the Revolutionary banner in 1821 at Agia Lavra by Patriarch Germanos and the official re-opening of Victoria’s oldest church on its feats day
  • Death Of A Romantic: Lord Byron – The Influence Of Romanticism On The Greek War Of Independence An ensemble of actors, and musicians will present an evening that will include readings of Byron and his fellow European Romantics such as Keats, Shelley, Hugo, Dumas and Palamas.
  • R-EVOLUTION-200 A re-telling of the contemporary Greek State through the minds of street (graffiti and stencil) artists.
  • Musical Odyssey: 200 Years of Triumphant Greek music A symphonic tribute to the grand Greek composers and musicians who influenced Greek music for 200 years.
  • (Super)Heroes of 1821: The Heroes of the Revolution = The Good, The Bad + The Gory Designed for children, the event will be a multimedia presentation telling the stories of the heroes of the revolution
  • The Greek Writers Festival: Mythologising Context + Identity A celebration of 200 years of Greek and Greek Australian Writers
  • 200 years of Flavour. The 2021 Flavours of Greece A celebration of Greek cuisine through food events
  • Youth Summit 21 Bringing together young Greek Australians to discuss matters that are pertinent to their understanding of place, identity and a sense of belonging
  • The 27th Greek Film Festival The annual celebration of Greek film will be a celebration of the Greek bicentenary.
  • Antipodes: The Concert : A celebration of Greek music, dance + life Featuring leading Greek performers, a live music concert celebration of Greek culture and life.