An article written by Kostas Karamarkos and published on the Greek site of Neos Kosmos celebrated the life and achievements of Christos Tsirkas,

The article sparked false rumours by members of the community which misread the article paying tribute to the man. Not used to appreciating people’s achievements of people when they are alive, some readers assumed that Mr Tsirkas had died.

Sources of the Rail Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) informed the group of the “seemingly sad news” but it was later found that Mr Tsirkas is alive.

Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Mr Tsirkas is in the care of Auburn House. He retired last year after dedicating much of his life to building the RTBU and looking after railway workers.

A life member of the RTBU, he continues to “find humour amidst turmoil” as the RTBU site stated after clarifying its mistake.

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