Not just about souvlaki and pites, the Benaki Museum’s Gastronomy Days event will focus on the links between gastronomy, architecture, tourism and culture.
The three day cultural event will cater to tourists and will include many international acts, cooking courses and special one-off exhibitions.
A venture by the Greek Ministry of Tourism, the event started yesterday and aims to explore Greek gastronomy in a new way.
All things food will be linked to many industries to show the relevance food has to Greece and its international appeal.
Among the events, Food Origami is a unique one that will use prominent Greek design offices to showcase the beauty of food.
Melbourne chefs and restaurant owners will make the trip to present lectures on the international appeal of Greek cuisine alongside renowned chefs from New York, Brussels and Paris.
While Greeks will be able to bump heads with food critics, reviewers and authors in “The role of media in the shaping of gastronomic map”.
The event also aims to promote social responsibility, with programs on good agricultural practices and new environmentally friendly technologies.
With so much food, the event also caters to the drinks side of dining, with Greek ‘mixologists’ sharing a trick or two about the best cocktails to make.
The program of events includes:
– An exhibition of products by selected Greek producers.
– Tastings and cooking demonstrations in a specially designed live kitchen stage, by popular chefs such as Elias Mamalakis, Dina Nikolaou, Andreas Lagos, Alexandros Papandreou, Vasilis Poris, Eftichis Bletsas.
– Events to publicise Greek drinks with award-winning mixologists from Greece and abroad, such as Yiannis Samaras, Yiannis Korovesis, Dimitris Kiakos and Vasilis Kiritsis.
– Theme-based events focusing on the links between gastronomy, architecture, tourism and culture such as The Geometric Dimension of Taste, from the Hellenic Institute of Architecture; Food Origami from prominent Greek design offices; The International Appeal of The New Greek Cuisine with lectures and connections with renowned chefs and restaurant owners from Melbourne, New York, Brussels and Paris.
– Free educational workshops with the visual artist Alexandros Psychoulis, the food styling artist Tina Webb and others. Actions in support of initiatives and to introduce particular local elements from regions such as the island of Lemnos, which is this year’s featured gastronomic destination.
– Mapping the cultures of taste through the art of storytelling, with the participation of artists such as Eugene Trivizas, Olga Malea, Panagiotis Beltzinitis, Dimitris Koutsiabasakos. “The role of media in the shaping of gastronomic map”: A rare opportunity to exchange views with authors, critics and food editors.
– A special event for representatives of international organisations, foreign agencies, states and news networks, which will include the participation of European Union Commissioner on Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Maria Damanaki and Greek Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni.
– Presentations and open discussions on: good practices in agricultural production such as bio-dynamic farming, innovative marketing policies and food blogging. Thematic events to promote the Mediterranean diet, as well as introduction to unique produce like Greek mushrooms and truffles.
General Admission to the three day event is 10 euros (children under 12 free).
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