Last night the hometown episode of The Bachelor ended with Bella Varelis and ex-series-friend Irena Srbinovska snagging the last two roses before the season finale.

Neos Kosmos caught up with early season favourite Bella to chat about bachelor Locky Gilbert meeting her Big Fat Greek family and sharing those three special words.

During the episode we see lovebirds Bella and Locky digging into some spaghetti recreate Disney classic, Lady and the Tramp.

The fairytale took a slight turn when the 25-year-old introduced the adventurer to her family.

Almost nothing is more intimidating during a new relationship than the moment you meet your partner’s parents and Greek ones at that.

Bella said that she felt “simultaneously excited and petrified” introducing Locky to her family.

“They mean a lot to me and so does their approval so I’m hoping they see how much Locky and I care for each other and love him as much as I do,” she said.

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Bella’s dad Steve Varelis on the other hand needed a lot of convincing that Locky was the right man for his daughter.

“My dad is a hard cookie to crack, especially when it comes to dating his only daughter! I’m not sure Locky left Dad with the best impression, but at the end of the day my happiness is Dad’s priority so if Locky and I end up together I’m sure he will warm up to him,” Bella said.

After questions flied across the table during dinner and a hard one-on-one chat with Mr Varelis, we come to the pinnacle and perhaps slightly awkward moment of the show.

As the time came for Locky to bid adieu, the pair embraced for what felt like an eternity before Bella mustered up the courage to let her true feelings be known.

Unfortunately, her three magic words were met with a “thank you”.

“I think all-in-all my hometown went well, saying I love you knowing Locky couldn’t say it back was really hard for me but I didn’t want to risk him not knowing how I felt, I’d rather end up heartbroken after this than leave knowing I didn’t open up to him completely,” she explained.

No love lost! After all they do not want to give away the winner.

Perhaps the 30-year-old will be able to say it back during tonight’s finale.

If the stars align and the pair end up riding off into the sunset together for years to come you can be sure that you will find Bella and her beau honeymooning in none other than Greece.

“I feel so connected to my roots when I’m there and it feels like home for me. I’ve been wanting to stay at Amanzoe and Cavo Tagoo for years, so those two resorts will definitely be on my honeymoon list.”

The finale of Channel 10’s season eight of The Bachelor will air tonight at 7:30pm AEST.