When Petros Gyftopoulos and Yiannis Psimoulis joined forces to create Fall &Rise Brewing late last year, their unique, crafted beers found a ready market. The two men developed the recipes and the brand and were set to expand early this year until COVID-19 hit Victoria.

The promise of the first moths of the year was worn down by the shutdown that afflicted the state and the two men could not continue under the difficult conditions of the past few months..

Yet the brand that they developed is set to rise again with new owner, Michael Proctor, who Is determined to maintain the recipes and high standards developed by Mr Gyftopoulos and Mr Psimoulis.

“I did not want to see this good beer and all the good beer disappear,” said Mr Proctor who bought Fall &Rise Brewing in October. The first batch of Rise, the Kolsch-style beer developed by Psimoulis and Gyftopoulos is set to be ready for distribution next week.

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“the first product to come is Rise which is a good summer beer and Ihope it is what the market will like this summer. I am taking it slow said Mr Proctor.

Mr Gyfotpouls told Neos Kosmos that he and Mr Psimoulis intended to continue to serve Fall & Rise as consultants.

“I want to live up to what these two men started and to stay true to their original mission which is still relevant. I first came across their beer in Ocean Grown and loved it. I was also drawn by the branding and followed it on social media.

Mr Proctor said depending on how things went he planned to revive the Dorchae, an Irish stout beer in time for St Patrick’s Day next year. The two Greeks had also developed the Alliance oatmeal stout in collaboration with Melbourne brewery Urban Alley.

It is from Urban Alley that the first batches of Fall&Rise will come.

Rise & Fall beers were especially popular in Melbourne and the Bellarine Peninsula and were gaining traction in Sydney and Canberra. Mr Proctor said he was set to resume carefully.