22-year-old Chanel Contos penned a petition after collecting thousands of testimonies from young girls who claim they were assaulted at the hands of boyfriends or older boys.

The petition started after an informal Instagram poll asking “If you live in Sydney: Have you or has anyone close to you experienced sexual assault from someone who went to an all boys school?” garnered a tremendous response with close to 300 responses.

72% of people had answered yes.

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Overwhelmed by distressing accounts, the ex-Kambala High School student put together the teachusconsent.com website highlighting close to two thousand testimonies (so far) and a petition for “consent to be included in Australian schools’ sex education earlier”.

The online petition along with the harrowing testimonies will be sent to MPs across Australia to advocate for change.

Aside from being able to sign the petition, people can also share their own testimony.

Ms Contos hopes the website ‘will expose the rape culture in our society’ that is still prevalent today.