Athletes at the Tokyo Olympics will be required to wear masks even when standing on the dais to accept medals during victory ceremonies.

The restrictions, released in the updated Tokyo 2020 playbook overnight on Wednesday, outlined requirements for athletes. These include wearing masks when using the fitness centres and gym for workouts outside the competition.

Athletes or officials who test positive to COVID-19 will not be able to compete and will be isolated in a designated Olympics hospital and will need the approval of Japanese officials in order to leave the hospital and country.

Once in Japan, the athletes will need to show a pre-valid card with a “written pledge that they abide by rules.

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Breaches of rules could lead to expulsion.

Vaccines are encouraged but not required by the officials.

Cheering, singing and high-fiving over athletes will also not be permitted, and athletes will need to leave the games within 48 hours of their competition.

“You must not use public transport. You must not visit tourist areas, shops, restaurants or bars, gyms … you are strongly encouraged to stay at accommodation provided by Tokyo 2020,” the updated playbook states.”You must only leave your accommodation to go to official Games venues and limited additional locations, as defined by the list of permitted destinations.”