Charming the audience in Rotterdam with her incredible voice, beauty and stage presence, 18-year-old Stefania sang Last Dance during the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Her performance took Greece through to Saturday’s grand final along with Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Portugal, Iceland, San Marino, Switzerland and Finland.

The first semifinal saw Azerbaijan, Belgium, Cyprus, Israel, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine make it through also, along with “Top Five” Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and host country Netherlands.

Dressed in a shimmering purple bodysuit designed by Vrettos Vretakos, Stefania proved her talent, winning the warm applause of the people.

Despite some technical difficulties, team Greece managed to showcase some impressive on-stage visuals using green screen graphics, dancers in green bodysuits and top notch choreography.

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The happy news did not come without some anxiety as Greece was 9th in the list of 10 that qualified for Saturday’s grand final.

The night ended with an interview given by 2005 competition winner Helena Paparizou, who recalled the anxiety she had before the competition, but also the confidence she felt after her victory.

She also vividly recalled her return to Greece where everyone sang her song holding Greek flags.

The Eurovision veteran will be one of many previous winning performers making an appearance during Saturday’s festivities.

The interview was followed by a video from the winning performance back in 2005, with host Chantal Janzen noting My Number One has joined the list of favourite songs from the competition.

Take a look at this year’s Greek entry below, or catch Stefania’s live performance on Sunday 5:00am AEST, or later at 7:30pm AEST on SBS.