The leaders of the two communities in Cyprus, President of the Republic Demetris Christofias and Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat, met last  to continued theur UN-led direct negotiations.

UN Secretary-General`s Special Representative to Cyprus Taye-Brook Zerihoun said after a one and a half hour face to face meeting  between the two leaders,
“They continued discussion on property issues. They have now referred the matter to the representatives to consider, with other issues including governance and confidence building measures”, he said.

Zerihoun also noted that the two leaders would discuss the European Union at their meeting this Wednesday.

Asked if the two leaders got any closer regarding the property issue after this meeting, Zerihoun said that’s a difficult judgment to make.

“But as you will recall they started with exchanging their views on the principles that should guide the discussions. Following that, they talked about the criteria and also discussed, in this last meeting and the one before it, specific suggestions and proposals from each side. There has been a broad and substantive discussion on the issue, but I would not make that judgment, because it is a subjective judgment”, he concluded.