More details have surfaced surrounding Brad Pitt’s next Greek adventure on the silver screen.

Late last year, Spice reported that Brad Pitt was rumoured to be preparing to bring to life another historic ancient Greek legend after his portrayal of Achilles in the 2004 blockbuster Troy.

Pitt was said to be getting ready to star as Homer’s King of Ithaca, Odysseus.

After turning Homer’s epic poem The Iliad into Troy, Warner Bros Entertainment is now associated with the plan.

Greek Australian director George Miller, (George Miliotis) is also rumoured to be directing the picture.

Warner Bros, Miller and Pitt are expected to be collaborating in an adaptation of Homer’s The Odyssey.

Their intention is to transform the tale into a futuristic setting in outer space.

Warner Bros has quietly set up the project with hopes that Miller will direct and Pitt will star in the lead role.

Both Homer poems dealt with the Trojan War with The Odyssey focussing on Odysseus’ long journey home after declining to become a god. Odysseus originally hatched the plan to build the Trojan Horse.

Brad Pitt is currently filming the new Quentin Tarantino film Inglorious Bastards in Germany and George Miller is currently working on Justice League at Warner Brothers.