Revolutionary Struggle, the Greek extremist group has issued a public proclamation published in Greek weekly newspaper, Pontiki, vowing to continue a bombing campaign, targeting politicians, financiers and journalists in an attempt to foment “revolution” and use the global economic crisis against capitalism.

The group also claimed responsibility for bomb attacks against two branches of Citibank in Athens and has threatened to carry out more bombings.

“We need to rid ourselves for good of all the scum of economic and political power so that humanity can free itself from these criminals,” the proclamation said.”We must create (a mass movement) here and now so that the crisis can become the system’s tomb,” it added.

The group targeted the branches because it wants to make Greece “hostile territory for the criminal agents of international capital, like Citibank,” according to the statement.

The militants also threatened journalists and media groups and said it would continue “safe” attacks on random targets, “taking the appropriate measures for the safety of citizens.”

A daily newspaper published a leaked police document last Wednesday detailing heightened security measures for possible terrorist targets, including many prominent journalists.

Four senior officers at the police’s anti-terrorism division were suspended over the leak pending an investigation, authorities said.

On Monday, the group detonated a bomb outside a Citibank branch in the northern Athens suburb of Filothei that caused significant damage.

Last month, it placed a powerful car bomb outside the bank’s Athens headquarters that was defused by police.

The bomb, consisting of two clocks, batteries and fertiliser-based explosives packed in five gas cylinders, was hidden in the car trunk and could have taken out the building had it detonated, police said at the time.

Revolutionary Struggle is best known for a rocket attack on the American embassy in 2007 and features on the European Union’s list of terrorist groups.