Titans of the bodybuilding world were in Melbourne over the weekend to compete in the Australian Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix IX at the Dallas Brooks Center.

Over 2000 spectators saw Greek Michael Kefalianos take out fourth place, which will allow him to compete at the 2009 Olympia event.

Kefalianos, who has dual citizenship, was competing for Australia despite only landing off the plane earlier this week.

Tournament organiser, Tony Doherty who owns and operates Doherty’s 24:7 Gym said it was very important that this exceptional athlete make it to Australia to compete in this highly regarded event.

Kefalianos has been bodybuilding for over 20 years and has won competitions around the world, including the recent 2008 International North German Championship in Hamburg.

In an exclusive interview Kefalionas expressed his love for the sport and when asked why he pushes his body to its limits to achieve a body close to perfection, he said “I love it, it makes me happy and makes me feel good about myself”.

He stated that he was very grateful for the support of Mr Doherty and his team who made his dream of being here to compete a reality.

“It’s times like this when I really appreciate Australia as my second home,” Kefalianos said.

He also mentioned his appreciation of the Hellenic Community of Melbourne for their support.

Kefalionas spends his time between Greece, Germany and of course Australia, where his wife and four children currently reside.

Fellow Greek-Australian professional bodybuilder Constantinos Demetriou, who also faired well in Saturdays event, stated that he was impressed with Kafalianos’ great physique.

“He looks great, I am very proud of him and am glad to have had the opportunity to compete with him on stage at Tony Doherty’s show”.

Demetriou himself has also had a decorated history in bodybuilding, with his career beginning when he was only 16 years old in his home town of Sydney.

Since then, he has won over 10 prestigious titles and is still going strong.

Kefaliano’s fourth placing at Saturday’s extremely competitive event  will give him the chance to compete at on of 2009’s major events – the prestigious 2009 Olympia event, to be held later in the year.  He has been touted as ‘the one to watch’ by bodybuilding fans worldwide.

The winner of the Australian Pro Grand Prix IX event was American Kai Greene.

In second place was Spaniard Silvio Samuel and in third American Toney Freeman.

The top three will be competing alongside Kefalianos in the upcoming Olympia event.