What role do you play in weddings as a caterer?

Sardellis Catering Concepts plays the role of a wedding planner and reception centre.

Having over 20 venues to choose from including wineries, gardens, town halls and private function centres and our wide selection of menu ideas, we create a total solution based on our clients’ budgets and desires.

We are not just one venue but any venue the client decides upon and have no standard menu, but chefs that provide a unique touch for that special day.

What are the advantages of choosing a wedding caterer?

The flexibility in choosing from a variety of venues, menus, decorations and true tailoring of your wedding day is the major advantage, not to mention the savings as compared to a traditional reception centre.

Not having to make lease payments on a venue, Sardellis Catering Concepts can afford to provide a high level of service and expensive menu ideas at half the price of a reception venue.

What if a person already has a venue in mind that already offers a menu? May it still be a better option to recruit a caterer?

Firstly, the couple planning their special day need to find a caterer or reception centre in which they feel comfortable with the operator/event manager.

Although there are many advantages in choosing a caterer over a venue that provides food, the couple will need to choose a venue that appeals to them even if it means that they will be paying more for it.

After choosing the right venue, the couple will need to assess the level of service and just as importantly a menu that will be tailored for their guests. 

Everyone has different budgets for their special day and will also need to take this into consideration.

Importantly, the couple should choose a caterer that will “event manage” their wedding day.

Do you cater at most venues?

Sardellis Catering Concepts is a mobile caterer that has their own portable cooking equipment, portable coolrooms, modern place settings and transportation.

We can cater at most venues and love a challenge.

What are the different catering options and how can they be structured to suite different styles of weddings and budgets?

Sardellis Catering Concepts provides different catering options ranging from gourmet finger food, buffet, taverna and silver service.

We can create a catering option to suit our clients’ desires and budgets.


Tips on choosing your wedding caterer:

  • Plan at least 12 months ahead so that you have adequate time to see a variety of venues and to sample different caterers.
  • Be comfortable with the caterer – can you truly see that caterer “event manage” such a special day?
  • Try to receive feedback from your family and friends on the caterers that you would like to sample.
  • Request to sample the caterer’s food and service at one of their functions. This will show you how busy they are, the way they set up the function centre, the way that they present their food and the way that it tastes.
  • Ask your caterer if they have qualified, trained staff and whether they have a food handler’s certificate, and a liquor licence.
  • Find out when and where the food will be prepared.
  • Request that your caterer includes everything in their price – place settings, decorations, food, service, beverages etc.