Thank you Dean Kalimniou for giving a voice to the Pontian people. I cried when I read your article and so did the President of the Pontian Federation.

By now you would have received a letter from the Presidents of Armenian, Assyrian and Pontian associations throughout Australia thanking you for bringing light to this issue.

On the 18th of May 2009, Senator Alan Ferguson offended the Pontian, Armenian and Assyrian communities when he inferred that the claims of Genocide were a distortion of history. His unfair attack on Michael Atkinson added to the fury.

I still remain in shock at how the Greek and mainstream media decided not to report this.

Fortunately truth won at the end of the day and now there is a bipartisan push in South Australia to recognize the Pontian Genocide.

Kudos to the Kalimniou article that was written from a humanist perspective and demands that those that talk ‘fiction’ are held accountable when they lie and push an agenda contradictory to the values this country.

Peter Stefanidis (Secretary)
Central Pontian Association of Melbourne and Victoria
Pontiaki Estia