From inception up until the setting up process, how did you start your business?

The business was an established one. It was run by a local guy and his wife who had been in the industry over 50 years.

I had just left the hospitality industry and wanted to do something that was different and challenging while accommodating my family life.

I knew the owner and we just thought it was the right timing for both of us.

I have been running this business for nearly seven years and we now offer a more diversified product range of window furnishings.

Did your Greek Australian background help you or impede you during your early days?

My background has assisted and continues to play an important role. A large number of our customers are of Greek background.

In our experience, the first and second generation Greeks prefer to deal with someone of similar background; especially the older generation who prefer to communicate in their mother tongue.

What would you say stands out as the comparative advantage of your business over the competition? 

We are a small business but we still manufacture many of our products on our premises. For example indoor roller blinds and outdoor sun blinds.
This allows us to have greater flexibility in what we offer, to customize products, to maintain direct quality control and enjoy quicker turnaround when required.
The customer deals directly with us and we are able to offer decorating and colour advice.
We also do repair work and have spare parts which keeps the budget conscious customers happy.

How is business currently?

Business is a little slower but steady at the moment. We are waiting to see how things unfold. This is a good opportunity to assess all aspects of the business.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

We would like to expand the outdoor canvas manufacturing as this is a growth area.
This would require us to relocate to bigger and purpose built premises. We are on the lookout for an ideal location in the near future.

Do you have any tips for young entrepreneurs?

Before you go into any business make sure you have lots of valuable experience and the skills required, preferably within the industry. Be prepared for long hours and very demanding customers.

Always be prepared for lots of challenges and try to be innovative and keep abreast of changes. You also need to enjoy what you do.