You are getting married! The big day is here at last. But do you have any idea in what order and how to plan your wedding without getting ripped off?

The good news are wedding planners are no longer just for the rich and famous.

Discerning brides are turning to these wedding saviors to help them save time, effort and hassle, so that they are able to enjoy their special day without obsessing about the minor details.

What exactly does a wedding planner do?

Wedding planners are the bride’s right hand down to every detail in the ceremony and reception, and are trained to know when to do things and how to set up a proper budget so that you stay on target of how much you want to spend.

Wedding planner, Nicholas Damilatis of Sovereign Weddings says that an experienced wedding planner will advise you every step of the way and ensure everything flows seamlessly on your special day.

“Our objective is to give clients exactly what they are seeking with no packages or no predisposed suppliers,” says the experienced planner of 17 years.

“We go step by step starting with ceremony and venue options, then to catering and beverages,  flowers, photography, entertainment, cars, beauty, theming and decorations, hire, stationary, cakes and gifts, accomodation, bridal and formal wear and honeymoons- the whole gamut so to speak.

“We discover their exact needs and seek out the right suppliers that will either suit their budget, provide the best value and the particular style or unique concept they seek.”

And dont not worry, you can still have as much control over the wedding as you desire as Damilatis says, “We simply collaborate with our clients and provide the inspiration and specialised advice with the final decisions being theirs.”

The advantages:

Besides helping to make your dream day a reality and tailoring the wedding to your individual tastes and needs, it is really about saving time, according to Damilatis. “It takes the average couple 400-700 hours to plan a wedding from inception to completion and often they may be choosing the wrong suppliers or doing things in the wrong order or simply not thinking of the big picture. In as little as 50 hours of their time,  we can assist them to develop a realistic budget, rescue their wasted time on wrong vendors and distribute their funds efficiently in the most important areas.”

In addition to organising a budget, a wedding planner will organise a timeline so that you know what order to do things in. For example, a bride might like the look of a dress in a magazine but it might not suite their body type, which is where a wedding planner will provide an objective view to ensure they choose a dress which suits them for their height and structure.

You may think that recruiting a planner is too expensive. However they can help you save money.

How? By ensuring that you do not waste your funds on bad choices or wrong suppliers; by helping you avoid hidden surcharges; by negotiating special rates for you.

And for something a little more extravagant…

Sovereign Weddings offer destination weddings worldwide including beautiful islands like Santorini in Greece, and amazing honeymoon packages that include luxury and deluxe services. 

Personalised catering packages can be created to suit luxurious weddings, for example, a marquee wedding in the Dandenongs which Sovereign Weddings decked out to look like a Tuscan villa.

How much does it cost?

Costs can range from $1000 to $10,000, depending on your individual needs and requests, and the level of expertise of the planing company you may utilise.

For more information about Sovereign Weddings, please feel free to contact the wonderful and helpful gang directly on (03) 9654 8383,