Joanne Xenidis is a young Greek Australian living the life that many singers could only ever dream of – she is releasing a debut album after much success with a global single.

Xenidis is Melbourne based and has been working on the record for two years, after nurturing an intense love of Greek music that has been instilled in her from a young age.

Xenidis has been vocally trained since she was just seven years old and enjoyed a very musical childhood.

For as long as she can remember her grandfather was absorbed in traditional Greek music and Byzantine chanting.

His passion for these traditional sounds undeniably influenced her relationship with the artistic form she subsequently pursued.

“I used to listen to him play all different sorts of instruments and I would secretly steal them and practice for hours,” she reminisces.

Fast forward to the present day and Xenidis is still playing for hours, but on a much larger scale.

She has become one of Melbourne’s most acclaimed Greek Australian artists.

On the back of her popular worldwide single Eimaste Mazi, Xenidis is now launching her debut album Genesis which she has poured her heart and soul into for the past two years.

“I directed the album the way I wanted it to sound” Xenidis said. “Every song is different and the final product can best be described as a mixed bag of lollies.”

When asked about the origins of the album title, Xenidis expresses the symbolic nature of the word “Genesis” to her art.

“I was making this album during a Venus moon phase of my life, and this inspired the name – the act of an old world passing away and a new world being born, “ Xenidis said.

Xenidis went on to convey her utmost respect for Greek singer Mihalis Hatzigiannis who she found to be a true inspiration when working on her debut record.

“I love that Hatzigiannis writes, produces, sings and plays on all of his albums. He is a great influence who manages to tell a brilliant story through every song.”

Along her journey, Xenidis has collaborated with accomplished producers Tim Henwood (Androids) and Michael Stangel who are both internationally recognised musicians and writers.

She most recently performed at the Antipodes Festival in Melbourne and Eimaste Mazi continues to receive significant airplay on various Greek Australian radio stations and on Radio Greece.

Xenidis will be playing a much anticipated gig at The Esplanade Hotel in St Kilda, Melbourne, on May 9 for the launch of her debut album Genesis. Be sure to get down there and experience in person her incredible voice and presence. Visit for more details.