Sakis Rouvas was in Moscow for his first round of rehearsals in preparation for the 54th Eurovision final on 12 – 16 May.

However all did not go well with the rehearsals.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that the stadium suffered a power cut, Sakis also had some glitches as he practised the routines for the Greek entry, This Is Our Night.

About half way through his routine Rouvas slipped and fell on his bum, then lost his balance when he he tries to jump onto a raised platform.

Rouvas admitted that his first Eurovision rehearsal was far from perfect, but said that he will improve before the semi-finals.

The Greek pop sensation was accompanied by back up vocialist Alex Panagis, dancers Nikos Marianos, Giorgos Papadopoulos, Anna Anderson and Anna Nilson as well as choreographer Fokas Avangelinou.

Rouvas will have another four opportunities to rehearse before Greece appears in the semi-final on 14 May.