The Rockwave Festival returns to Athens at the end of this month with a killer line up.

From June 27 to June 30, Rockwave will offer Greek audiences a unique four day musical experience from two stages at Terra Vibe Park.

Sponsored by Jose Cuervo, the event promises a rocking show with headliners including international acts Placebo, Moby, The Killers, Duffy, Tricky, Motley Crue, Slipknot and Mastodon just to name a few. Everything from rock to trip hop music is in store.

Motley Crue will be welcomed to the festival on their very own stage named CrueFest. They will be accompanied by other rock and metal bands at their personalised stage.
The Rockwave Festical is held exclusively in Greece.

It is one of the most famous festivals in Greece and dates back to 1995.

Big name bands and solo artists have graced its stages for years including Black Sabbath and Marilyn Manson in 2005, The Dandy Warhols in 2006 and Metallica in 2007.

The full festival experience of passion, energy, rhythm and vitality is ensured at Rockwave, so if you happen to be starting your Euro summer Greece trip there, definitely check out this party.

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