The European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) Executive Committee ruled heavily against Iraklis and its fans following the team’s Champions League finals appearance in Prague on April 4-5.

The Hellenic Volleyball Federation (HVF) was fined 50,000 euros, Iraklis was fined 30,000 euros and will play its next European match behind closed doors.

The CEV warned of potential bans for all Greek clubs in the event that stipulations are not met.

Italian side Trentino Volley defeated Iraklis 3-1 in the thrilling finale. Iraklis fans clashed with officials, police and security after the match, causing damage to the arena and surrounding areas.

Representatives of the Hellenic Volleyball Federation, including President Mr. Stelios Prosalikas, (also President of Iraklis)  was called upon to a special session of the CEV Committee to carefully analyse the sources and causes of the fan disruptions, which the CEV say is tarnishing the image of volleyball in Europe.

The HVF was asked to prepare a report outlining measures the local authorities will undertake in order to stop and prevent Greek basketball hooligans from wreaking havoc.

The CEV Committee unanimously agreed to apportion responsibility to the Hellenic Volleyball Federation and outlined a series of harsh provisions that the Greek administrations will have to comply with in the future.

It also found that Greek authorities had failed to implement a series of recommendations and warnings that had been put forward by the Confederation over the course of the last Cups season.

The HVF was warned that noncompliance with the conditions set may result in the automatic banning of the club concerned.

The Federation could also face the possibility of all Greek clubs from any European competition for one up to three consecutive seasons.

The Hellenic Volleyball Federation will have to pay 50,000 euro for damages to Prague’s O2 Arena.

Iraklis will have to comply with the following conditions when competing in CEV competitions:

  • Their first home match will be played behind closed doors, with no fans allowed.
  • The club will bear the costs related to the appointment of a neutral CEV delegate to supervise home and away matches.

The HVF will also be required to implement all measures it recommends to the Confederation for dealing with crowd behaviours or risk Greek clubs being banned from European competitions.

Iraklis has been fined 30 000 euros for bringing the sport into disrepute.