It was Geni Papacostas’ turn to leave Masterchef on Monday as she lost the ‘pressure test’ to fellow contestants, Poh Ling Yeow and Andre Ursini.

Before the test began, she laughed that the night before she’d had a nightmare that salmon mousse would be on the menu.

Ironically a delicate salmon terrine was the challenge-and with a sore left hand from cutting it the night before, Papacostas had a feeling that this was the end.

The three dishes were close, but Papacostas’ downfall according to the judges was having too much butter in her terrine compared to salmon.

Contrary to other media reports, Papacostas would not admit outright that she had deliberately allowed her fellow contestants win but did tell Neos Kosmos that, “when I put the terrine in the freezer, the tin bent over and pushed the mousse out of the mould so the butter pushed in one side. I could have realigned it when I saw it buckling but I let it go.”

Papacostas also added that she would have been happy regardless of whether she won or lost because it was, “Andre or Poh and not anyone else.”
Of the rivalry in the house she indicated that people were becoming more competitive as the numbers dwindled.

“Poh said I was used in a way because I would give people recipes and ideas. But I’m happy to help them as I love sharing information, and as George (Calombaris) said, we learn from each other.”-

Whilst Papacostas believes that at 54 she was unlikely to win the Masterchef title anyhow, age is no barrier in her passion for food and cooking.

“I am hoping to finish my cookbook this year and afterwards I am planning to travel to Cyprus and Crete. I am also planning to open my own dining space and cooking school.”