James Dalamangas tops the New South Wales most wanted list, according to a news report in the Daily Telegraph.

The report suggests that Mr Dalamangas, who fled in 1999, is working as a bouncer somewhere in Athens, Greece.

He is accused of two murders in 1997 and 1999.

In the first incident Mr Dalamangas allegedly shot and killed Tim Voukelatos in his car at Campsie.

The victim who was a casual bouncer and a construction worker was shot five times.

The second incident took place in the once famous Greek venue of Sydney, the Knossos nightclub.

George Giannopoulos who was a father of two was allegedly stabbed by Mr Dalamangas while trying to break up a fight.

According to the same report the Greek police has agreed to cooperate with Australian authorities who renewed their calls for Mr Dalamangas’ arrest on February.