The Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia is holding general elections on Sunday June 28. According to an official announcement from the electoral committee members of the Community can proceed from 9 am until 6:30 pm to elect a new Board for a term of two years (2009-2011).

Members have to vote 17 of their prefered candidates. In case a person votes for less or more candidates the ballot will be considered void.

The candidates are: Andritsakis Pam, Vagenas Bill, Vasilias George, Grigoriadis Alexandros, Daniel George, Demetriou Paul, Elovaris Vassilis, Cassoudakis Sylvia, Kominos George, Lucas Hellas, Mavrogiorgis Elias, Ninos John, Papadopoulos Anthony, Petralias George, Roubanis Vasilios, Saripasoglou Nick, Sarris Theodora, Stathopoulos Angelo, Stathopoulos Andrew, Tsonis Peter, Christodoulou Steve, Psaroulis Panagiotis.

The elections are going to take place at the new Community offices on 262 Franklin Street, Adelaide.

Anyone who wishes to vote but cannot attend in person can contact the community offices for other arrangements adhering to constitutional requirements.