Noddy (Epaminondas) Angelakos, 27.

Your greatest achievements

Three things:
1. Running in the State Championships at the MCG in 2006.
2. Running the Amateur League in Greece in 2006.
3. In April I came 6th in the 100m final of the Stawell gift professional meeting.

How did you get to where you are now

Basically you set your highest goal then sacrifice what you need to to get to it. Train hard and compete even harder.

Your greatest challenge

Definitely would be staying away from all the yummy Greek cooking during the festive seasons- more so during Christmas because it’s at the heart of the running season.

Goal for the future:

To win the Stawell gift, which is the richest professional race in the Southern Hemisphere.

Best moment of your life

Other than getting married and North Melbourne winning the 1996 Grand Final, I think qualifying for the final of the 100m at Stawell.

One word that describes you the best


Person you most admire and why

Asafa Powell (100m athlete), he brings humility to a sport that lost it a long time ago.

If I could say anything to the Greek community…

Embrace it and you’ll grow because of it.

Most embarrassing Greek moment

My dad in general, he’s always loud and trying to make people dance Greek style!

Favourite place to go or hang out at

The track.

Song that I can’t get out of my head at the moment

Bad Influence – Pink

Favourite Greek food


I can’t live without…

Running, oh and my partner of course.

If I was Kevin Rudd for a day I would…

Introduce a four day working week then jump on the private jet and go to Greece to see my family.