Not winning last week’s lottery was not a big deal for Westall Secondary College in South Clayton; it was awarded close to $2 million from the Federal Government.

Westall received the $1.97 million grant as part of the Science and Language Centres for 21st Century Secondary Schools component of the Government’s $14.7 billion Building the Education Revolution.

School principal Vernita Zigouras said that the funding will be used for the construction of a new science and language centre.

“I think we are well overdue in receiving government funding.

“We have an extensive LOTE program including two bilingual programs and this facility will be able to further facilitate their success,” added Vice Principal Eva Kesidis.

The classes she is referring to include bilingual Greek and Chinese.

Bilingual Greek is taught through mathematics classes in Years 8 and 9, and through art classes from Years 7 to 9.

“Bilingualism these days is so important; it can give students great opportunities for future employment and lots of advantages,” underscored Ms Zigouras.
It is anticipated that the new Science and Language Centre will be completed within twelve months.

The school also received $200,000 as part of the Government’s National School Pride program, which they have used to successfully refurbish the school.

This has included replacing carpet, buying new furniture, painting and improve landscaping.