The committal hearing in the case of Theo Theophanous who is accused of rape is continuing on Friday in the Melbourne’s Magistrate Court.

A woman claims that she was raped by the Victorian MP in a night of September 1998, inside his Parliamentary office.

Last week the court heard testimonies from the alleged victim as well as three of her friends.

The friends were testifying to the fact that they were contacted by the woman after the alleged rape.

Two of the three witnesses disputed her claims that they were made aware of the alleged incident and even went so far as to testify that their friend tried to cajole their cooperation to her claims.

“She wanted me to help her out with the case,” one of the witnesses said on Wednesday, according to media reports. “She was coaching me to say things. She was asking me to give false evidence,” she added.

In her testimony she even discredited the claim that she exchanged emails with the alleged victim regarding the supposed sexual attack.

A third woman on Friday testified that she did receive a distress call from the alleged victim.

She testified via video link from London saying that her friend called her from a pay phone in September of 1998 in a state of panic revealing to her that she had been the victim of an attack.

“Raped, attacked, I don’t remember the exact words,” she said.

“She was very upset, more than upset, she was in a panic, she was very distressed,” she added.

The friend also testified that the connection was abruptly cut because the alleged victim did not add money to extend the duration of the call.

Defence lawyer Robert Richter QC, however, disputed her claim saying that local calls in Australia are paid on a fixed rate rather than on a time basis.

Moreover, Mr Theophanous’ lawyer questioned the fact that after the distress call two days passed without any communication between the two women.

The witness responded that she didn’t feel that close with the alleged victim at the time to initiate contact pressing for more information.

At the end of the hearings Magistrate Peter Reardon will decide if the matter will go to trial.