The Attica Police have uncovered a major contraband cigarettes smuggling operation, after investigations spanning two years, it was announced last week.

A Greek transport company was smuggling large quantities of cigarettes into the country via the port of Piraeus and Astakos port in Aetoloakarnania prefecture, declaring them as sundry merchandise imports destined for bogus companies, and would then ship them to Malta with forged documents.

The headquarters and telephone numbers of the bogus companies appearing on the invoices were the same as those of the real company that was smuggling the cigarettes, according to police.

Following the completion of the investigation by police and the Financial Crimes Squad, the case file and evidence have been forwarded to the public prosecutor and Customs authorities.

The fine for the contraband cigarettes is estimated to be some 4 million euros, of which 2.5 million euros are the calculated import duties not paid while the remaining 1.5 million euros are in evaded taxes.