Around 200,000 jobs have been lost or are threatened in the country since the beginning of the year, a survey by the General Confederation of Small Manufacturers and Traders of Greece (GSEVEE) revealed last week.

The survey focused on the problems facing small enterprises because of the financial crisis and showed that job losses in the last six months totaled 85,250 in the country, while it predicted that another 90,000 to 100,000 job positions could be threatened by the end of the year.

GSEVEE also said that based on figures provided by the country’s regional chambers, the difference between business closures and opening was narrowing mainly because business closures have risen lately.

The survey also showed that 72 percent of enterprises reported a significant decline in demand despite the fact that 90 percent of them kept or lowered their prices and services this year, compared with 2008.

The Confederation recommended changes in the operations of OAED, the Manpower Employment Organisation, and expressed its opposition to a government decision to hire private companies for tax inspections.

A prolonged pre-election period, combined with uncertainty over the timing of the next general elections in the country, was also cited as another negative factor for small-scale manufacturers and traders.