Victims of convicted serial rapist John Xydias have made applications to the court for compensation, according to a report in The Age last week.

Mr Xydias was sentenced in June to 28 years imprisonment with a minimum 20 years to be served after he pleaded guilty to 25 counts of rape and 61 counts of indecent assault.

For a period of over 15 years that ended in 2006, Mr Xydias drugged his victims and sexually assaulted them. In many cases he would videotape the acts.

Nick Papas, one of the lawyers representing a victim, called for a six-figure compensation to be awarded. “What was perpetrated on them was a most serious and extraordinarily damaging conduct,” Mr Papas said, according to the same report.

“Each of these victims has suffered the most appalling consequences. Unfortunately the nature of this conduct was such that each of these victims has suffered a most terrible, life-changing event,” he added.

The women only found out the attacks had been recorded after the police showed them the videos.

Mr Papas relayed to the court that this experience for his client was “the most horrific and terrifying night” of her life.

In her application for compensation the victim said that although Mr Xydias received a severe jail sentence, her experience would stay with her for a lifetime. Victims are suffering from post traumatic stress, the court heard.

The hearing continues in the Victorian Supreme Court.