n his first interview given to the Greek media since his interest in buying out AEK was revealed, Chicago-based entrepreneur Bob Kozonis proved his solvency on camera and pledged to build a new ground for the Athens club at Nea Filadelfia.

The Greek-American businessman spoke exclusively to sports website Sport24 late on Sunday, presenting a letter documenting the ownership of some $95 million (about 66 million euros) and saying he intends to put 35 million euros of that into AEK for its debts and expenses.

He is therefore prepared to take control of AEK immediately, even without a fresh auditing of its finances, but any further debts the club may have will have to be covered by the existing shareholders, he added.

Construction magnate Kozonis further claimed he has a plan for the building of a new stadium for the football club at the heartland of AEK, Nea Filadelfia that will be modelled on the Allianz Arena of Munich and “will still be a good stadium after 50 or 100 years”.

His interview stirred some passion among AEK supporters, with about 200 of them reportedly staging a protest against the existing shareholders of the club and in favour of Kozonis on Monday at the club’s headquarters.