A Greek terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the terror attack in front of Parliament.

A Greek terrorist group called “Conspiracy of Nuclei of Fire” claimed on Tuesday evening responsibility for the terrorist attack which took place outside the Athens Parliament 2 Saturdays ago.

In a notice posted on the Internet the group confirms estimates by counter terrorism experts that the attack which caused no injuries, since the area was evacuated after a warning telephone call, was carried out by two persons.

“We wanted to dishonor this symbol of democracy,” the group says in a reference to the Parliament and the nearby Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Terrorists claim that the group’s strength has not been diminished by recent antiterrorism operations and warn with new attacks, if three men arrested as members of the “Conspiracy of Nuclei of Fire” will not be released.

Expressing solidarity with one of the imprisoned members of “November 17” group which was responsible for dozens of fatal attacks against Greek and foreign politicians, diplomats and entrepreneurs for three decades until 2002 when key members were arrested, the group tries to connect the past with the present of extremism in Greece.

Greek terrorist groups who took over ‘November 17′ have stepped up attacks since December 2008, after the fatal shooting of a teenager by police fire.