Name: James Anagnostidis, 18. About to start studying a major in Psychology through a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne.

Your greatest achievement? Scraping into the 90s in my VCE and getting into Melbourne University.

How you got to where you are now? By working smarter, not harder.

Goal for the future? To finish my course with flying colours and completing some post-grad study. I hope to retire at 50, in Europe somewhere, possibly in the Greek Islands.

Best moment of your life? Finally finishing high school!

One word that describes you the best: Realistic.

Person you most admire and why? Lance Armstrong. He battled cancer and still managed to win a 3500km bike race…seven times.

Most embarrassing moment? Can’t think of one off the top of my head but pretty sure there’s plenty!

If I could say anything to the Greek community… Continue practising and sharing your traditions, culture and never forget where you came from.

Favourite place to go or hang out at? Anywhere with some good coffee, great conversation and even better people.

Song that I can’t get out of my head at the moment? Last Cigarette – Bon Jovi.

Favourite Greek food? Impossible to get better than a good souvlaki, but can’t forget some of the magic that comes from both my Yiayia’s kitchens!

I can’t live without…  Refer above.

If I was Kevin Rudd for a day I would… Drop university fees and maybe fly around the world with all the excess tax money he has lying around…