Vasili Kanidiadis is Australia’s most enthusiastic promoter of organic veggies “Nothing tastes better and nothing is better than being able to grow it and cook it yourself,” says iconic gardener TV show presenter and accordion player.

He has now compiled a second book, Vasili’s 101 Ways to Grow It and Eat It, which is by his own admission, “jam-packed with tips for the garden that everyone can dig into – as well dig!”

“We’re in danger of losing the priceless gardening know-how of our parents and grandparents who provided for their families – and sometimes the neighbourhood – from their veggie plot in the backyard, or, scandalously, in the front yard of migrants from the Mediterranean” adds the affable Vasili.

Vasili’s 101 Ways to Grow It and Eat It reveals how easy it is “to grow it and eat it yourself, even if you only have a courtyard or balcony to cultivate.”

Vasili’s 101 Ways to Grow It and Eat It  will be launched by George Lekakis, the Chairperson, of the Victorian Multicultural Commission launches on Monday February 22 at Munro Street Garden Centre, Coburg.