Greek Australian primary school teacher George Iliakis, 36, was sentenced to four years in jail on Thursday.

Police had found more than 16,000 pornographic images and videos of young boys in his possesion.

Mr Iliakis, who taught Grade six at Brighton Grammar, one of Melbourne’s leading private schools, was charged with accessing child pornography and using the internet to transmit child pornography and procure children for sexual activity.

Evidence submitted in court revealed that Iliakis joined an Internet chat site in 2003.

It was alleged that he shared pornographic images and video in this site with other users.

One of these videos was made by Iliakis using two boys aged 13 that he had met through his involvement in a theatre group and at a life-saving club.

He convinced them that they were taking part in a movie depicting troubled and abused teens however he was actually trying to play out his own fantasies.

Apparently he would handcuff and gag these boys as part of the movie “scenario”.

According to media reports the judge stressed the fact that despite the lack of sexual contact between Iliakis and his victims his offences were “very serious indeed.”

During the trial a psychologist testified that although Mr Iliakis exhibited “close to zero empathy” with his victims and had “minimal” insight into his behaviour it was “unlikely” that he would re-offend because he showed great motivation to undergo therapy.

Mr Iliakis will serve a non-parole period of two years and he will also be registered for life as a serious sex offender.

He had pleaded guilty to five offences.