The Greek economic miracle

On the Spit needs to defend the Greek economy. There is nothing wrong with the Greek economy that’s not wrong with many economies gutted by the Global Financial Crisis.

Sure, Greece may have provided rubbery figures to be allowed into the euro club in 2002, and yes, Greece’s sovereign debt is a whopping 12 percent of GDP when it should be only 3 percent.

But, there are states in the US which are giving out IOUs.

In the eurozone, Spain, Ireland and Portugal (as well as Southern Italy) are in no great shape either. –

We remind readers that-Greece was touted by The Economist as the Promethean miracle in the early noughties –

So, it’s not the Greeks’ fault- ok!-It’s, er…hmm…it’s Goldman Sachs conspiring to undermine the national Greek economy!

And if it’s not Goldman Sachs it’s the Americans and if it’s not them it’s Karamanlis, if not him then…Simitis, or maybe Andreas Papandreous, or Kissigner and Nixon for supporting the Junta in 1967, or maybe Truman for supporting the right in the civil war in 1945-49, or maybe the British – anyway it’s not the Greeks’ fault.

Nothing is the Greeks’ fault, ok! –

A real public service-

The European Community has now presented the Greek Government with its newest demand: to stop offering lifetime tenure to bureaucrats.

How dare they? –
The Greeks, their government, their bureaucracy and their workforce is not over-fed, lazy and disorganised, as some say, it is simply…er…unique, that’s right, unique to the Greek DNA.-

The Greek bureaucrat is efficient at securing his/her mid morning, late morning, lunch, and afternoon coffee breaks.

These men and women, engaged in government work, are highly attuned at not working a single minute overtime, or exceeding any of the most rudimentary expectations of their job.

Importantly, the Greek civil servant is an excellent employment broker, once he/she is in the bureaucracy, their cousins, friends, and lovers are all guaranteed a job for life. –

The Greek work ethic-

Australia is a hard working nation we know that, but Greece has it’s own unique work ethic which needs to be heralded.

On the Spit are highlighting the 10 points of the Greek work ethic manifesto:-

1. Avoid income taxes at all times.

2. Blame the state for everything, nothing is your responsibility.

3. If you can’t blame the state, then blame Goldman Sachs, or America.

4. Carry around 50-100 euros in an envelope as little gifts to doctors, civil servants and so on.-

5. Show carelessness, frustration and irritation when dealing with clients, customers, colleagues, or anyone really.

6. Do not allow work to intervene into your daily routine between 9am and 5pm

7. Stage stop-work meetings and regular strikes over anything, nothing is too minor.

8. Immigrants do all and any physical work not you – and you can blame them as well for anything.

9. Retire as soon as you begin working.

10. Again, avoid income taxes at all times.