It’s crazy isn’t it? We ladies might have been yelled at by our boss, had a nasty argument with our partner, or crawled out of bed feeling like absolute crap, but as soon as we see that gorgeous pair of shoes in the front shop window, it’s sunshine again.

Provided that the shoes have ‘cha-chinged’ their way into our shopping bag.

At the risk of contradicting my feminist values, it’s not true of all women- admittedly my vice is lapping up designer clothes at next to nothing at Camberwell market, and some might be less materialistic but you get my drift.

So what is the big deal about heels?

Despite the fact that we women generally feel ultra sexy when we’re wearing stilettos, oh and it creates an illusion that we have longer legs, there’s another reason why, that I’m sure you boys will ‘absolutely love’.

Yes, it’s the Carrie Bradshaw effect!
Translation: Sex and the City’s fearlessly fashionable character, Carrie Bradshaw owned so many pairs of beautiful, designer shoes that women went mad with lust and just ‘had to have them’.

Particularly the pair of sky-high blue Manolos that were custom made for Bradshaw in the Sex and the City movie.
But it is not just the shoe-obsessed Bradshaw that sucks us in.

It’s the look, and how we feel in them.
The soft touch of a satin heel feels so luxurious, and the gorgeous silver buckle of the stiletto perfectly complements its jewel blue hue. Not to mention the instant glamour they add to the matching white jacket and skirt outfit.

So why not own five pairs of shoes instead of 50, men might ask?
The same pair of blue stilettos won’t look as good as a pair of gladiators with an ethereal style dress, nor will they instantly transform us into feeling like a Grecian goddess.

They will not toughen up a leather jacket and coated denim jeans as well as this season’s buckled leather ankle boots.

We also need a pair of cross trainers for the gym, a few pairs of casual flats for a lazy weekend, thongs for the beach, shiny, jewelled heels for a night out, classic pumps for work, and those who are really ‘on trend’ will probably own several pairs of this season’s leather thigh high boots, neutral wedges, and animal print heels.

Still don’t understand? Here’s the simple answer.
Women like to have different styles and colours of shoes to match their many different outfits, and MANY different moods.
Enough said.