Greek Australian mountain climber John Kazanas is preparing to take on the challenge of a lifetime.

The 38 year old Melbournian is training to tackle Mt Everest, which at 8,848 metres is the tallest mountain in the world.

This is not the first time that Mr Kazanas has come face to face with the Himalayas as he climbed on Mt Pumori at 6,900 meters in 2006.

However that expedition had to be suspended as three members of the team had to be rescued.

The Everest expedition will take place during the months of April and May this year and will include another seven climbers.

Mr Kazanas and the rest of the team will approach Everest from the northern ridge which is considered safer.

At the southern side, as Mr Kazanas points out often avalanches occur which have cost the lives of many climbers. When asked by Neos Kosmos if he is at all afraid he replied, “I’m afraid enough so I am cautious. I will not do anything to endanger myself. I want to climb on top of Everest and feel the outmost satisfaction and then to return home safely.”

It will take 70 days to gradually acclimatise to the low oxygen levels of such high altitude – 1/3 of the oxygen at sea level.

Mr Kazanas’ team will attempt toreach the summit by the end of May.

The mission will cost approximately $40,000 but he underscores that “it’s worth the money and the trouble.”

He further said pointedly, “Every person has to climb his or her own Everest. Mine is just one mountain top that happens to be the tallest in the world.”

Mr Kazanas has been rock climbing since 2003 and among other feats he climbed Mt Cook, which is New Zealand’s highest mountain at 3745 metres.

He encouraged people to visit his website ( to read about his training, trip and other background information.

Upon his return he plans running a series of lectures and presentations.