A court order has compelled the Pontiaki Estia Board to disclose its membership list to a group of petitioning members.

The order was handed down on March 22 after a group of 6 founding members of Pontiaki Estia resorted to legal action against the Board of the organisation.

These members demanded access to the membership list claiming that certain new members had been signed up in contravention of the membership provisions of the constitution.

One of the core provisions stipulates that one can only become a member of Pontiaki Estia if they are of Pontian descent or married to a person of Pontian descent.

According to former President and founding member of Pontiaki Estia who headed the legal challenge, Stathis Tsitouridis the action followed a series of failed attempts to agree with the Board on a process to examine the membership list and all supporting financial evidence of members signing up.

The President of the organisation, however, Nick Krikelis said to Neos Kosmos that “the Board had never denied the petitioning members access to the membership list”.

Prior to the court hearing a meeting had been scheduled between the two sides on March 17 for the Board to hand in the list, but nobody showed up at this meeting on behalf of the Pontiaki Estia Board.

The President explained that this was due to the Board’s change of legal counsel.

The court order stipulates that the Board has one month to present these documents to the petitioning members.

At the time of writing this report a specific date had not been set between the two sides pending the arrangements of legal counsels.

At the core of this challenge lies the dispute between two sides in the Pontiaki Estia regarding the sale of their property in the western suburbs.
During a General Meeting last year 160 members had voted for the sale with 79 members opposing.

Consequently the property has been sold. It is yet unclear how this court order could open the way for further legal challenges demanding the cancellation of the sale and a repeat of the General Meeting.

It should be noted that Pontiaki Estia has until September to complete the sale and vacate the premises.